This week's destination: 11/21 and NEW MEETING TIME

Naomi Lloyd

It's around peak Golden Eagle migration and I *really* wanted to hit Franklin Mountain this week, but I need to be home by 1:00 for a rescheduled appointment. Boo.

So instead, I'm suggesting meeting at the Thacher Park overlook at 9:00am. They've had several Goldens this fall, one just last week, and hope springs eternal, right? The 5mph wind is from the northwest which is the hawk-driving direction. If you're on facebook, check out these pics from a few weeks ago - this GOEA flew directly under the escarpment![0]=68.ARBgtLUJlBEZHmVcRHLnO6X7KqJ0TJzORpzITEm-oouveM9smF6zvHzXVaJGkxxQDHu25fkLjKgUbhJuefJj9xg7Mb-M5noH-AfJ4wmyUHcsIkzGLR7yEdRkKo_S1s70P8iH9OtmRZJ-jwS6h17A3K2M_BGUR3QzKgStGRjCWuBf2WZmYA6kitJy3M1CQo5rZBSfLj3LgyXlcc0OCH1VqgbVz55oB2-o4JAsHcy52jmwkKENZx2AJutQhHknA-HHReXhHTFbed3EDZOSw82sYSrkXB4OlVeCwhnbMmT0VdPLwKd2JcSz3r5sLH7O0dxCcqQH6Ub6x4xXq1jj2SsNw1eP7w&__tn__=-R

I got about a dozen replies last week about changing the winter meeting time to 9:00am, all positive. So for the cold months, we'll assemble at 9:00 and run until noonish as usual. Come spring we can go back to 8:00 until the big migration weeks, when I'll float the "meet at 7:00" proposal.
Enjoy your extra hour!


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