HMBC Vischer Ferry Field Trip



It was my pleasure this morning to be the coordinator for the HMBC Vischer Ferry Preserve field trip.  It was not exactly the best day for a field trip at Vischer Ferry because nearly all trails at the Preserve were flooded in different spots; and even before the flooding began there was a pronounced dearth of waterfowl, usually the main target for this trip!  Cancelling was an option but I decided that we could have a pleasant walk from Ferry Drive going east on the towpath as far as the trail was clear and dry for us.   We had an especially large turnout of 20 birders, all very congenial, including several beginners and several newcomers to HMBC field trips.  After carpooling to Ferry Drive from the main entrance we had a very nice walk along the river and the west pond for almost 2 miles until we encountered some high water just ¼ mile from the main entrance where we had cars parked.  So then we were faced with just two choices: either walking through a very short stretch of ankle-high water or walking 2 miles back to Ferry Drive.  We all chose the ankle-high water and some of us got a little water in our boots! 


Birds for the morning were a little scarce.  Perhaps the best bird was a lonely Gadwall that we found among a small group of Canada Geese somewhere west of the deep water.  Just after the high water we had good  looks at 4 or more Eastern Bluebirds. We had many Pileated Woodpeckers and a total of 5 woodpecker species for the morning.  A little east of Ferry Drive we found a very cooperative Golden-crowned Kinglet and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  We also had several good looks at White-throated Sparrows.  The trip leader spotted a Pied-billed Grebe from the Whipple Bridge before any of the other participants arrived, and the group spotted a flock of 8 Wood Ducks overhead while we were gathering in the parking lot.  The final species count was 33.  Thanks to all who made this morning walk so enjoyable!  We hope to see all the beginners and newcomers at HMBC field trips and programs in the future. 


John Hershey, trip coordinator


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