Cyclobirding: Is this phrase copyrighted yet?

Scott Varney

I've been combining my passions for birding and biking all Summer long and I am having a blast. A bit of cycling fitness with interjections of birding along the way. Today, I cyclo-birded through Saratoga National Historical Park and managed 27 species of birds, 12 White-tailed Deer, and 4 "black" Grey Squirrels. 

Highlights included these:

1 Blue-headed Vireo

1 Merlin with a Goldfinch in it's claws. (Viewed the attack)

1 Tennessee Warbler

1 Yellow-rumped Warbler

1 Barred Owl calling "Who cooks for Y'all" next to the visitor center. 

Flock of 500+ Common 
Grackles feasting on Beech nuts and dropping acorns (it was literally raining acorns, so I recorded it).  It was interesting that about 50 percent of these birds were all missing the central tail feather!

1 very vocal Carolina Wren

6 Ruby-crowned Kinglets loosely hanging out with Chickadees and Titmice. 

Best experience today:

The multitude of natural fragrances of the Autumn season, ranging from spicy and sweet to Adirondack perfumes mixed with Balsam-like fragrances after a light mist.  It was like a holiday for the nose!

Happy Fall birding,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

Note: If anyone else is interested in a cyclobirding trip, contact me off list at scottvarney1968@.... I'd love to get together with a group of folks willing to try it out!

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