Albany Pine Bush Warblers


This morning I went to the Albany Pine Bush - Karner Barrens East to check out the warblers on the yellow trail.  I had been there yesterday and Thursday as well and wanted to find as many warbler species as possible by taking photos of as many warblers as I could and then examining the photos later to identify them.  I have been amazed at how many warblers have been seen there in the last few days including the prized spruce budworm specialists: Tennessee, Cape May, and Bay-breasted.  After studying about 5 different field guides and enhancing the photos, my results from this morning include 14 warbler species, more than I would have guessed simply by looking through the viewfinder at every warbler I saw.  These are Tennessee (2), Nashville (2), Northern Parula (2), Chestnut-sided Warbler (2), Magnolia (2), Cape May (2), Black-throated Blue (heard one singing), Yellow-rumped (2), Black-throated Green (9), Blackburnian, Palm, Bay-breasted (2), Blackpoll (2), Black-and-white (2).  There were probably a lot more than I list here because there were too many birds to check out every one, and the camera more than half the time could not focus on the bird.  I encountered about 10 birders during the 4 hours I was there who were all very helpful. When I left around noon the warblers were still flitting around.

I can add two more species, Pine Warbler and American Redstart, from the 2 previous days at the yellow trail.  I posted several pics to illustrate some of the more difficult species even though the photo quality is not great.  For me this exercise helps to add to my long list of birds  that I’m learning are a lot more common than I usually think.,,,20,2,0,0

John H.

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