Re: follow up info - Mohawk-Hudson Land Conservancy preserves and birding request


I used to lead HMBC trips to Ashford Glen Preserve when we lived in Colonie.  And I’ve also led HMBC trips to Mosher Marsh in the past, until I got scared off by the ticks!


I would consider leading a trip (or joint trip) to Strawberry Fields Nature Preserve in the future… preferably before the grass grows tall (or after it’s been mowed).  These are all great places to bird.




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Subject: [hmbirds] follow up info - Mohawk-Hudson Land Conservancy preserves and birding request


We appreciate our September speaker, Sarah Walsh of the Mohawk-Hudson Land Conservancy (MHLC) providing information on their 18 preserves in Albany, Schenectady, and Montgomery Counties, and her request for HMBC members to bird these locations and provide MHLC with our observations. She has set up ebird hotspots at all of them, for those who use ebird (which I recommend!). . 


We are also looking at some joint trips to these properties with MHLC for next year. Sarah provides the following information:


To get the MHLC newsletter, please visit:



To read more about MHLC preserves, click here.


Our website has some great resources to help you make an impact in your own backyard for birds and wildlife, which you can find here.


I also wanted to include the eBird link to Albany, which is here. To learn more about MHLC preserves and the data cataloged there, you can click the map in the upper right hand corner of that link and then scan around and select different eBird hotspots to read more.


Here is also a link to our Bozen Kill Preserve, so you can see the extensive data each hotspot provides, in case you haven’t checked out the eBird statistics or website before.


I would also be remiss if I didn’t share our website to read more about some of our specific fundraising campaigns underway as well as information on our upcoming fall fundraiser and donate button listed at the top of the page. Links to our facebook, twitter and Instagram can be found at the bottom of the homepage😊


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