Re: Bird books anyone?


Only “Living on the Wind” is still available.  Others spoken for.


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls


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I’m reducing the size of my library and have a couple books that need new homes.  Please email privately if interested.  The books are FREE and I will mail them to you.


“The Complete Birder” by Jack Connor  Although an older book it has lots of great information for those like me who are still learning!  Somehow I managed to accumulate two copies.


“Seabirds – an identification guide” by Peter Harrison 1983  This is from an online site: “Expedition Leader Peter Harrison Peter Harrison has led expeditions throughout the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and everywhere in between. Peter has written and illustrated over a dozen books, of which Seabirds: An Identification Guide, is considered the bible of seabird identification.”


“GULLS – a guide to identification” by P.J. Grant – this is a second edition 1986  You can look inside at this Amazon link:


“Living on the Wind” by Scott Weidensaul


I will be away from home from 9/15 through 9/21, so if I don’t reply during that time, bear with me.


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls

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