HMBC Huyck Preserve field trip

John Kent

A group of eight birders visited the Huyck Preserve in Rensselaerville
this morning for HMBC's annual field trip. The water level in Myosotis
Lake was surprisingly low, which means that there was a lot of excellent
shorebird habitat at the north end of the lake. Killdeer were the most
numerous, as usual, but we also had Lesser Yellowlegs, Solitary
Sandpipers, Spotted Sandpipers, and two Wilson's Snipes, which were
foraging in the shallow water with the other shorebirds. The other
highlights were a Great Egret, which was a new species for Huyck in
eBird, and a Green Heron, which is uncommon there. The list of raptors
was short this year -- Bald Eagle, Broad-winged Hawk, and a possible
Red-tailed Hawk. We saw little in the way of migrating songbirds, and
even the local breeding warblers were mostly absent, with just a single
Common Yellowthroat seen by some. We found one Bank Swallow mixed in
with the Tree and Barn Swallows that were foraging over the lake. Thanks
to all who attended.

John Kent

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