Migration general

Lindsey Duval

Seems like migration is kicking right in! The radar the past few nights has been quite busy and I have woken up in the middle of the night to hear the NFCs. It's very exciting!

Yesterday and the day before I visited Coon's Crossing (Zim-Smith Trail) by Round Lake. The first day I didn't really notice any movement, although caught sight of 4 Green Herons, all amusingly with fuzzy little mohawks. The trail was loaded with Red-eyed Vireos, which didn't quite seem the usual there. There was also a Solitary Sandpiper in the canal but that is possibly a breeding resident. 

Yesterday when I visited again there were NO Red-eyed Vireos, and an increase in Warbling Vireos. Also, both days I heard the churring call of Swainson's Thrush. There were two additional Green Herons. And, my best sighting, was a female or immature male MOURNING WARBLER who popped up onto a shrub to get a good look at me, chipping the whole time. I did not find it on my way back, so it likely had continued on its way or went foraging.

Yesterday afternoon I visited Shenantaha Creek Park which was very quiet except for Giant Swallowtails. Close to 7 PM 4 Common Nighthawks quietly flew over.

This morning I visited Bog Meadow Brook Trail and found 4 MAGNOLIA WARBLERS loafing around eating little green caterpillars! There were also 2 GREEN-WINGED TEALS hanging around the pond. A Least Flycatcher perched right in front of my face, doing the perfect Sibley Guide pose. I walked the whole length of the trail and thought it was fairly quiet otherwise, and then realized all of the Yellow Warblers were totally gone. 

Happy migration,

Lindsey D. 

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