Montezuma NWR


I was in the neighborhood for work, so I stopped by Knox-Marcellus marsh and the Wildlife loop in the late afternoon. 
KM Marsh had literally thousands of waders and shorebirds. A little too far from the road for my bins; you definitely need a scope. A very nice fellow birder offered a glimpse thru her scope - long enough to see several Sandhill Cranes, and some Terns mixed in. Lots of others but I did not have enough time to ID too much besides the usual suspects.
Highlights of the wildlife drive were RT Hummingbirds, BAld Eagles, No. Harrier, Caspian Terns, both Yellowlegs. Lots of GBH and G Egrets, ducks, geese, of course. 
If you’re looking for shorebirds, lots there!
Lucy in Albany

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