Extralimital Tree Swallows Conglomerate

Scott Varney

While visiting Montezuma NWR at sunset on Wednesday, August 7th, my sister and I witnessed the largest grouping of birds we had ever seen...over Tsatche Pool...there were Tree Swallows that spanned the entire sky across the pool, as far left as you can view from the observation tower and clear across the NYS Thruway to the right.  An estimate had to be in the hundreds of thousands and possibly into the millions. With a scope, it appeared to be almost entirely Tree Swallows. The density of birds was mind-blowing!  Possibly the coolest bird observation I've ever witnessed. Just thought it might be an interesting look for any local birders travelling that direction for end of Summer vacation plans. 

Also, a group of 8 Great Egrets has been hanging out at a pond on Route 197 between Fort Edward and Argyle. So far, they have remained very visible at that pond for at least 2 weeks. The pond is on the north side of Route 197 approximately 1/4 mile past the intersection with St. James Road as you head East on Route 197 (toward Argyle). 

Scott Varney
Salem NY

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