Wilton wildlife preserve, old Gick Farm


 I walked the yellow trail this morning in search of the previously reported clay-colored sparrow without success. This was a lovely place to walk with lots of nice birds. The best was a cuckoo – not sure which one. First I heard a yellow-billed,  but 10 minutes later heard a black-billed call from the same area. I ran into another birder who mentioned that he had earlier heard much the same thing. He heard the black-billed first and said it started to make yellow billed calls. Whatever it was, it was calling from the other side (east) of route 50.   Other nice birds included Indigo Buntings, Scarlet Tanager, Baltimore Oriole, lots of Prairie Warblers, and beautifully singing Hermit Thrushes. 
Susan Beaudoin 

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