Western Sandpiper, Cohoes Flats

zach schwartz-weinstein

Yesterday, at around 1 PM I found an odd Sandpiper mixed in with two leasts and a Lesser Yellowlegs in the spit at the eastern end of Cohoes Flats.  After initially convincing myself that it was just a nonbreeding Dunlin, I was intrigued by the suggestion that the bird might be a match for a rare Dunlin x White-Rumped Sandpiper hybrid.  Seeking confirmation, I shared my photographs to the Advanced Bird ID Facebook group, which is usually pretty good with tricky ID challenges like hybrid calidrises.  I was surprised when the consensus there quickly emerged that the bird was a worn female Western Sandpiper.  I then shared photos with some other people who backed up this ID.  The checklist with some photos are here: 

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to ID this bird in the field to get the word out sooner.  I will be checking for it again today.
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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