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I haven't been there in the past year, but have visited there numerous times with no problems from anyone.

Nancy Kern

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No, though I have usually accessed the preserve from the trail behind the bank.  The only people I run into there are DEC folks, dog walkers, and Rich Guthrie.

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I've never had any issues with access there, though my visits have been infrequent 


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We, the birding community and the general public, are entitled to unfettered access to the Coxsackie Creek Grasslands Preserve which is at the cul-de-sac end of Houghtaling Road in New Baltimore/Coxsackie, The Greene County. .

I was told by a security guard that I was on private property and had to leave.

Of course, he was wrong.

We are going to pursue this to clear up this bit of misinformation. 

My question is: While attempting to visit the preserve have you ever been approached by security and told to leave? .

I think it was a one time incident by a temp. guard (it was 4th of July holiday afterall).

I just want to see if any others had run into this problem.

Rest assured, you may visit the preserve anytime, 


Richard Guthrie

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Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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