Re: Shenentaha Creek Park 6/22


Chestnut-sided Warbler
Eastern Wood-Pewee
Wood Thrush

I think that's it.



From: "Marne Onderdonk via Groups.Io"
To: "Hudson Mohawk Bird Club"
Sent: Saturday June 22 2019 12:37:06PM
Subject: [hmbirds] Shenentaha Creek Park 6/22

This morning from 8:30 til about 11 am Ellen P and I scoped out the park, covering almost 3 miles. We arrived wearing identical outfits: white long sleeve shirt over t-shirt and khaki hiking pants (unfortunately we did not get a photo).

Our first birds were a pair of eastern kingbirds at the top of the trees near the entrance. we were trying to decide if they were Evelyn and Ethan, or Kathy and Ken.... we meandered into the park, around the football field and basketball courts and eventually along the bike path towards Ruhle Road. We had a handful of ovenbirds which we could clearly hear but remained incognito. Numerous cedar waxwings were plucking berries (and dropping a few) from assorted trees.

Along the bike path we had a super *totes adorbs* fledgling downy woodpecker following and being fed by mom. Other fledgling sightings included American robin and a cowbird being fed by an eastern phoebe.

This is really lovely and accessible park and bike path. Here’s the list (from which we are really really really really hoping we’ve got one or two for bird of the week):

Eastern kingbirds
Yellow warbler
Gray catbirds
House wrens
Broad-winged Hawk
Cedar waxwings
Red-eyed vireos
American goldfinches
Mourning doves
Downy woodpeckers
Eastern phoebe
Brown-headed cowbirds
American robins
American redstarts
Red-bellied woodpecker
White-breasted nuthatch
Black-capped chickadees
Scarlet tanager
Tufted titmice
Brown thrasher
Common yellowthroat
Chipping sparrows
Turkey vulture
Prairie warbler (heard from the path where it intersects with Ruhle Road)
Carolina wren
Northern cardinals
Possible ruby-throated hummingbird
(and Ellen can chime in if I’m missing any?)

We also had one monarch as well as a tiger swallowtail butterfly, chipmunks, and a red squirrel.

Enjoy the weekend & happy birding,


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