Clay-colored Sparrow- The Crossings of Colonie 5/13


This morning Craig D. heard what he thought was a Clay-colored Sparrow singing at The Crossings in Colonie. I was nearby at Ann Lee Pond, so I headed right over after he texted me about the bird. I was able to relocate it after about twenty minutes of searching. It was hanging out with a small group of Chipping Sparrows, going from low tree perches to the ground and back. The location is the google map pin, click on the hyperlink:  Clay-colored Sparrow

The bird was singing periodically. The song is a very low, flat, deliberate "buzz-buzz-buzz" of three to seven notes. It stayed in the area between the restroom building at the parking lot and the grassy, shrubby, overgrown field nearby. Also of high interest in nearly the same spot is a large flooded area of grass that has been attracting shorebirds for over a week. This morning there were many Solitary Sandpipers, Least Sandpipers, yellowlegs of both species, Spotted Sandpiper and Killdeer (local breeders), and even a Semipalmated Plover! You'll see the flooded area on your left as you drive out to the circular parking lot at the back (south end) of The Crossings property.

A note of caution if you head down there on Tuesday in the afternoon. There is a parade for, and performance by, the young woman from Cohoes who has advanced to the finals of American Idol this season. There will be mayhem at The Crossings after about twelve noon, so hopefully the birds will not get pressured or flushed. Word to the wise.

Tom Williams

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