8 Nighthawks

F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/25/99 - 8 Common Nighthawks at (tongue in cheek) Crossgates Mall ! I had
hoped that this would be a good night, so I went to my old reliable
Nighthawk stomping grounds in Colonie and West Albany. It was the peak
date traditionally, the 25th, the right time - 6:30 to 7 PM, and the
weather seemed good, but it may have been slightly too windy. Anyhow,
nothing at all until we hit Crossgates and saw 8 coming in from the south
side of the parking lot.

Keep an eye out the next few nights. Thanks.

Had a flock of about 40 Double-crested Cormorants flying in V formation
much like geese on 8/24/99 on the Northway just south of Lake George.

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

"See It Before They Saw It"

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