June 13 Birdline


Birdline summary for week ending June 13:

6 reports; 76 species reported


Best of the week:

CLIFF SWALLOW: Saratoga Lake 6/5 (3)

VESPER SPARROW: Saratoga County AP 6/10

GRASSHOPPER SPARROW: Saratoga County AP 6/10


Other notables:

Bald Eagle: Lock 2 6/6

Red-shouldered Hawk: Fox Hill 6/10

Hermit Thrush: Amy?s Park 6/9 (2); Fox Hill 6/10

Wood Thrush: Garnsey Park 6/6 (5)

Brewsters Warbler (hybrid): Garnsey Park 6/6

Northern Parula: Amys Park 6/9

Canada Warbler: Amys Park 6/9; Fox Hill 6/10

Savannah Sparrow: Saratoga County AP 6/10

Purple Finch: Fox Hill 6/10; Providence 6/13

Pine Siskin: Providence 6/13 (4)


Thanks to Nancy Castillo (Providence), Ron Harrower (Saratoga Lake, Lock 2, Garnsey Park), John Hershey (Saratoga County AP, Fox Hill) and Colleen Williams (Amys Park)

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