Late report Wilton Wildlife 5/6/18

Marne Onderdonk

Took a spin around the WWP last evening for about two hours... was hoping for walls of warblers but no such luck. It was pretty quiet overall, except for the firing at the shooting range next door.

The list:

The Usual Suspects (loads of blue jays and chickadees)
Eastern phoebes
American robins
American goldfinch
Song sparrow
Field sparrow
Chipping sparrow
Hermit thrush (nice views)
YB sapsucker
Red-bellied woodpecker
Brown creepers
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Eastern towhee
Ovenbird (3)
Red-shouldered Hawk
Broad-winged Hawk
American crow
Winter wren
FOS magnolia warbler
FOS Black-throated blue warbler
At the pond:
Pair of nesting Canada geese
Pair of belted kingfishers
Green heron
Great blue heron

Also please beware of ticks... one hitched a ride on my clothing even though I used repellant, stayed in middle of the trail and did not put my backpack down. Somehow they find a way... Best to tuck pant legs into socks!

Happy birding,


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