American Bitterns, Virginia Rails


I walked the 3 mile western loop this morning at Vischer Ferry Preserve.  Yellow-rumped Warblers were almost wall-to-wall for those 3 miles but no new warblers that I could detect.  The excitement was mostly on the main path going south from the Whipple Bridge.  At the first pond to the west I spotted 2 Virginia Rails chasing each other in and around the crumpled down reeds.  Then at the back pond I heard an American Bittern and a Virginia Rail calling.  Finally at the end of the walk I heard another American Bittern not far from the main path calling. According to Liz C. it flew right over her head to the east pond where we then watched it do the water pump.  Also, apparently a 4th Virginia Rail was calling from that side.  There also was a Solitary Sandpiper near the Whipple Bridge.

In addition walking along the towpath I spotted 2 Blue-winged Teal and a Great Egret (without the green wing patches reported on previous occasions). 

John H.  

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