Ferry Drive Shorebirds

F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/19/99 - Ferry Drive East - I'm sorry I didn't have my bins with me but
there was some good activity at the mudflat just down river from Ferry
Drive. There were a few Yellowlegs and at least 30 peeps and about 50
gulls. I'll scope it out this weekend and give a better report.

Ferry Drive is next to the VF Firehouse on Riverview Road about 2 miles
west from the main entrance to the Vischer Ferry Preserve. Depending on
the water level it can be very productive. It's also a nice walk for land

Good luck for Nighthawks this weekend. Historically, Colonie and West
Albany have been prime areas for their migration, especially at 6 PM,
usually peaking August 25, but this year may be early ?

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

"The Rainforest - See It Before They Saw It"

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