Four Mile Point Preserve, Coxsackie

Brenda Inskeep

On February 14, 2018, Tom Fiore and I visited Four Mile Point Preserve in Coxsackie. I just got around to entering my ebird report and now realize that two birds we observed, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and Yellow-rumped Warbler, are considered rare for that location during this time of year. These were associating with a nice flock of other small birds (chickadees, goldfinches, etc) in the parking lot area. We also observed a Hermit Thrush feeding on berries in a tree along the boardwalk to the pond and also a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Along the Hudson shoreline of Coxsackie to Athens (from the house and a few other locations) we saw a minimum of 20 Bald Eagles both young and adult sitting on ice, in flight, and some interacting.

At Coxsackie Creek Grasslands Preserve mainly the area near the Save A Lot Warehouse on Industrial Parkway, we observed at least 5 different Rough-legged Hawks (including one gorgeous dark phase) and two more adult Bald Eagles that appeared to be migrating.

For anyone interested, we were fortunate to have observed a Golden Eagle in Dover Plains, NY at Ten Mile River Preserve (Lime Kiln Rd & Ten Mile River Dr). When we first pulled up the eagle took to flight as it was being continuously harassed by crows and 2 ravens. We followed it in the scope and saw it land in a tree snag, though somewhat distant, offering good, long views. It eventually took to flight again after a couple hours of watching and waiting offering awesome views of this bird in flight.

Brenda Inskeep with Tom Fiore
in Coxsackie, NY

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