Larry & Penny Alden

Re-posting since it didn’t come through yesterday. 

While walking the neighborhood doing a count for the Great Backyard Bird Count this morning, I happened upon a Harris’s Sparrow along Meadowdale Road.  I knew what it was immediately, despite having seen my one and only one in Galway (Saratoga County) back in May 1998.  This one was in non-breeding plumage, with a small black bib and black on the crown up to the peak.  The large, pink bill really stood out.  A truly handsome bird!


There were a few American Tree Sparrows and White-throated Sparrows about, but the Harris’s did not seem to be directly associating with them.


(Here I thought my best birds for the day would be a flicker and red-winged blackbird!)


Larry Alden


(southern Guilderland on the New Scotland border)


(Note: I’m being a bit vague about location because, despite light traffic, there are few places to pull over on Meadowdale Road and it was not seen at anyone’s feeders.)



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