Fw: Destination This Week

Naomi Lloyd

Hi, All,

Emboldened by the 2nd successful week of finding our target species, I'm going to try for white-winged gulls. They
are around as Tom Williams and Zack have reported their presence on the Cohoes-Crescent area of the Mohawk,
although the presence and numbers of gulls have been near zero at times in early Jan.

Meet at 8:00 a.m. at  the parking area at the end of Tibbets Ave. in Green Island. We'll work the
Hudson to the Cohoes Flats, then the Mohawk to the Crescent Bridge.
If we're finished early, we can look for the Snowy Owls at the airport or the female
Barrows Goldeneye and Redhead at Stillwater. Hope to see you there.

Bill Lee

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