gulls, or lack thereof

zach schwartz-weinstein

After finding the Iceland Gull at the Corning Preserve, I decided to check Tibbits Ave, Cohoes Flats, Overlook Park, Green Mountain Drive, the Crescent Power Station, and Flightlock Road.  The last location was closed off.  The others had very few gulls - Green Mountain had a few Great Black-backed and Herring Gulls hanging out on a roof, and there were a few birds over the landfill.  There was a group of gulls above visible from Overlook Park (aka School Street), but they were very distant, my tripod is broken, and even if it hadn't been, they were still at least half a mile away and probably not identifiable.  At Crescent Power Station, there were four eagles.  Tibbits had a couple black ducks mixed in with a larger group of mallards.  It was very quiet.

Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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