Rough-legged hawks - Staats Island Rd. and American Oil City Rd.

Jackson Mesick

Hey everyone,

Apologies for the belated report. On Tuesday, I birded Staats Island Rd. and American Oil City Rd.

Staats Island had a dark morph rough-legged hawk, a few turkeys, and a small flock of bluebirds.

American Oil City Rd. also had a rough-legged hawk (though more of a light morph), and in one area near what looks like a Christmas tree farm on the left side of the road there was a single juvenile white-crowned sparrow in a flock with juncos and tree sparrows.

There was also a possible dark morph rough-legged hawk looking out over a marsh on a tree above 9J in between the two roads, but I was driving, so it may have been a red-tail: I wasn't able to get a good enough look to be sure. Roughies seem to have moved into our area though!

Good birding,

Jackson Mesick
East Greenbush, NY / Chicago, IL

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