January 3 Birdline


Birdline summary for week ending January 3:

18 reports; 64 species reported


Best of the week:


SNOWY OWL: Albany Airport 1/02, 1/03 (4)

SNOW BUNTING: Northumberland 12/29 (200); Troy CBC (100)



Other notables:

Snow Goose: Troy CBC (8)

Ring-necked Pheasant: Troy CBC

Black Vulture: Five Rivers 12/29 (3)

Bald Eagle: Troy CBC (23); Northumberland 1/1; Stillwater 1/1 (2)

Rough-legged Hawk: Troy CBC (6); Coxsackie 12/31, 1/1 (6); Northumberland 1/1, Albany Airport 1/03

Eastern Screech-Owl: Troy CBC

Great Horned Owl: Troy CBC (6)

Barred Owl: Troy CBC

Northern Flicker: West Charlton 1/1; South Glens Falls 1/1; Five Rivers 1/1; Northumberland 1/1

Merlin: Troy CBC (4); Five Rivers 1/1

Peregrine Falcon: Troy CBC (4)

Horned Lark: Salem 12/28; Northumberland 12/29 (200); Troy CBC (170)

Winter Wren: Troy CBC (3); Five Rivers 1/1

Carolina Wren: Troy CBC (11)

Golden-crowned Kinglet: Troy CBC (13); Five Rivers 1/1

Ruby-crowned Kinglet: Queensbury 12/29

Hermit Thrush: Troy CBC

Eastern Bluebird: Saratoga 1/1 (6)

American Robin: Five Rivers 12/29 (1000)

Northern Mockingbird: Saratoga 1/03

Yellow-rumped Warbler: Troy CBC (2)

Eastern Towhee: Troy CBC (2)

Purple Finch: Troy CBC


Thanks to Larry Alden (Troy CBC), Mona Bearor (South Glens Falls), Liz Curley (Albany Airport ), Ron Harrower (Northumberland, Saratoga, Stillwater, Albany airport), John Hershey (Northumberland), Michelle J (Coxsackie), John Kent (Coxsackie), Alan Mapes (Five Rivers), Ellen Pemrick (West cHarlton),  Barb Putnam (Queensbury), Scott Varney (Salem) and Tom Williams (Five Rivers, Albany Airport)



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