Rusty Blackbird, Winter Wren at VF

Steve Mesick

A delayed report, (sorry pretty booked the last two days) but at Vischer Ferry (and other places in our sector of the Troy CBC, we had several good birds. Most notably, at one tiny spot with some open water along the towpath east of the fireman’s entrance we had a Rusty Blackbird, a Swamp Sparrow and a Hermit Thrush. On that same section of towpath a little further east there was a Winter Wren.

The water in general made some birds more scarce (first time since I have done it when there have been no ducks, geese or gulls of any kind) but the fact that there was so little open water meant birds were concentrated, the location above being the best spot. We also had two other Winter Wrens on the count, 2 Great Blue Herons, a Merlin, a Belted Kingfisher, 4 (possibly 5) Rough-legged Hawks, a Red-winged Blackbird, 2 Screech-owls and a Great Horned Owl, and, of all things, a Ring-necked Pheasant!

Crazy but extremely cold day enjoyed by me, Jackson, Richard White, and 2 new birders, Dave Luck and Chris Saffron.

Steve Mesick, East Greenbush, NY

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