Red Crossbills etc

zach schwartz-weinstein

I stopped at Rensselaerville State Forest this morning and found a group of red crossbills actively foraging along the overgrown logging trails that branch off of the Scutt Road clearing.  Also present were several pine siskins, at least one male purple finch, several singing blue-headed vireos, yellow-rumped warblers, a winter wren, white-throated and lincoln's sparrows, both kinglets, and the three expected corvids at that elevation.  Some mediocre photos here

A raft of Ring-Necked Ducks was swimming in the cove of Alcove Reservoir off route 143, and Stanton Pond had the usual mix of Gadwall, Shoveler, Widgeon, Mallard, and Canada Goose, plus an adult Red-tailed Hawk feeding on a roadkilled Eastern Cottontail on Biers Road.  Sadly, I saw no less than 4 dead porcupines along Route 32.

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