October 18 Birdline


Birdline summary for week ending October 18

16 reports; 65 species reported


Best of the week:

LONG-TAILED DUCK: Saratoga Lake 10/18 (5)


VESPER SPARROW: Meadowdale 10/12; Kinderhook 10/14; Coxsackie Grasslands 10/15

RUSTY BLACKBIRD: Bog Meadow 10/15 (5)


Other notables:

Snow Goose: Overlook Park 10/14

Ring-necked Pheasant: Schodack Landing 10/13

Ruffed Grouse: Bog Meadow 10/12, 10/15

Pied-billed Grebe: Selkirk 10/12

Bald Eagle: American Oil Road 10/13; New Baltimore 10/13 (2)

Northern Harrier: Coxsackie Grasslands 10/15

Greater Yellowlegs: Coxsackie Grasslands 10/17

Great Horned Owl: Troy 10/14; Coxsackie 10/14 (2)

American Kestrel: American Oil Road 10/13; Coxsackie Grasslands 10/15

Winter Wren: New Baltimore 10/13

Hermit Thrush: Bog Meadow 10/12

Cedar Waxwing: Glenmont 10/14 (50)

White-crowned Sparrow: Meadowdale 10/12; Bog Meadow 10/12 (51); American Oil Road 10/13


Thanks to Larry Alden (Meadowdale), Lidia Carnevale (Glenmont), Rich Guthrie (New Baltimore, Coxsackie Grasslands), Ron Harrower (Bog Meadow), John Hershey (Bog Meadow), Brenda Inskeep (Coxsackie), Nancy Kern (American Oil Road, Schodack Landing, Overlook Park, Kinderhook), John Kent (Selkirk), Heidi Klinowski (Troy),  and Scott Varney (Fort Edward)

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