Vischer Ferry - lingering warblers and Screech Owls!

Naomi Lloyd

On a perfect fall day the Thursday birders visited Vischer Ferry to see if the migration change of the guard had begun. Sparrows are starting to move in - we had many Song and White-throated and smaller numbers of Savannah, White-crowned, and Swamp. After some discussion, we decided some thrushes in terrible light were Swainson's and Wood. We picked up the full woodpecker six-pack, with lively families of Downies and Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers. Warblers are trickling down to an end. Yellow-rumps were abundant, and we also saw BT Green, Palm, and Nashville. One birder got a glimpse of an unexpected Mourning Warbler.

Waterfowl numbers are just beginning to build with small flocks of Wood Ducks and Green-winged Teal.

The big surprise of the day came while playing Eastern Screech-Owl calls in an attempt to bring in chickadees, etc. No little nosy birds, but two Screech-owls called back to us!

As a pleasant coincidence, as I was typing this I heard a Screech-owl tremolo several times in my yard - the first one I've heard here in several years, and the first time I've heard them in two spots in one day!

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Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake

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