Tomhannock area - waterfowl moving in

Naomi Lloyd

I cruised around the reservoir and surrounding roads this morning. Canada Geese are moving in large numbers, particularly at the south end of the reservoir. Not many other waterfowl there except the usual clump of Wood Ducks at the Nortonville Rd inlet. Some shorebirds remain at the Otter Creek flats - one Pectoral and a handful of Lesser Yellowlegs and Killdeer. American Pipits foraged with them.
The farm pond on Rt 113 was all CAGO. No loons or winter ducks at the reservoir yet.

I found more variety at the wetland on Lockrow Rd with good numbers of Blue and Green winged Teal, and some Amer. Black Ducks and Gadwall. It must have been a bumper Bluebird year - at least 9 flushed out of a single tree.

Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake

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