HMBC Vischer Ferry Field Trip


The HMBC Field Trip at Vischer Ferry Preserve began this morning with 10 eager participants.  (One birder, though not aware that an organized field trip was scheduled, was happy to join us for the whole morning.)  We walked the 3-mile western loop beginning at the main entrance hoping to see a variety of migrant birds including those confusing and frustrating fall warblers.  We encountered several small waves of warblers being able to identify Nashville, Magnolia, Black-throated Green, Common Yellowthroat, and Blackpoll Warblers.  Thanks to the good ears of at least one participant we found several Golden-crowned Kinglets, at least one Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and a Blue-headed Vireo.  All of the six regular woodpecker species in the HMBC area were found except for Hairy.  Except for a few Wood Ducks in the first pond and a few flyover Canada Geese, waterfowl were surprisingly scarce. Other noteworthy species included Cooper’s Hawk, Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfisher, and Scarlet Tanager.  In the final tally we counted a modest 43 species.  I should also mention we enjoyed watching the exploding seed pods of the very abundant Jewelweed (Touch-me-not) flowers as well as a beautiful Question Mark Butterfly and several unidentified caterpillars.

John Hershey, trip coordinator

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