Vischers Ferry Preserve


Like Gregg and John yesterday, I spent about three hours at Vishers Ferry this morning. I did the loop walking first towards the river and finishing along the towpath. While I didn't have the number or variety of warblers they had, I did run into one flock of migrants. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes were ferocious at that point attacking my hands and face every time I tried to use my binoculars. Between the bugs and the poor lighting, all I was able to pick out were Black-throated Greens, Redstarts, Gnatcatchers and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. While walking through the Cottonwood forest, I had a Great-horned Owl fly in front of me and perch in the open, which made up for the lack of warblers. I also had three hummingbirds fly within 3 feet of my face, two of them fighting. At the west end of the towpath pond there were three Blue-winged Teals along with the Green-wingeds seen yesterday, and a Pie-billed Grebe.
Susan Beaudoin

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