Shorebird habitat

rob snell

After reading a number of reports expressing disappointment with potential shorebird habitat in the area, I went to google maps. I located and visited expansive tidal mudflats over two days to the east of Schodack Island State Park. At low tide on Wednesday from Rt 9J just south of the I90 overpass there are expansive tidal mudflats (Probably 1 square mile). Access is difficult due to Amtrak (which I was asked to leave), but the area looks primo for shorebirds, and I had not seen any reports from the area on eBird. I did see a reasonably sized flock of medium sized shorebirds (10-30), at a distance, but they were too far away to id without a scope. On Thursday I hiked to a blind that overlooks the flats from the State Park. Tide was rising, but flats were still substantially exposed. Only saw a flock of about 20+ semipalmated sandpipers. I submitted a checklist.

Has anyone else visited this site with success?


Rob Snell

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