Falls View Park, Cohoes

Naomi Lloyd

For those who haven't birded here before, I've included a map to the area. You can park across the road then cross the suspension bridge. Go left, and you can look over the top of the falls for birds - often good for hundreds of gulls as well as shorebirds, while Bald Eagles hang out in the cottonwoods. Go right, and you access below the falls at almost water level. That's where the shorebirds are hanging out now. To get there you have to descend a 90-step staircase, then follow a path heading further downhill. It's a long way down, and longer back up. You used to be able to go out on the flats at very low water conditions, but we were told due to someone being injured that area is no longer open.

It's a spectacular view of the falls, and a valuable addition to our limited number of shorebird sites.

Good birding!


Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake

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