Shorebirds starting to move - Cohoes and Tomhannock

Naomi Lloyd

The Thursday group checked out Cohoes Flats this morning. Lots of open rock, but the water levels continue to fluctuate. We found at least 10 Lesser Yellowlegs who flew and landed within feet of us. Further away we saw Semipalmated Plovers, Least Sandpipers, and numerous Killdeer. Three Osprey peeped overhead. Fromm there we went to the Falls which had Ring-necked Gulls and not much else. An attempted stop at the Crescent power plant was thwarted by road closure.

Later I swung by the Tomhannock. Water levels are still high but some mud is exposed at the north end by Otter Creek. I saw a family of Killdeer, a bunch of Leasties, and a scattering of Spotted and Lesser Yellowlegs. I also had a Yellow Warbler, the first one I've heard singing in a while.

Naomi Lloyd
West Sand Lake

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