Fox Hill Rd, Saratoga County this morning

Jeff Nadler

First mentioning a common nighthawk peenting over my house at 11PM last night briefly, then Fox Hill Rd highlights this morning as follows . . .

Lake Desolation State Forest adjacent the boundary but outside the Adirondack Park abutting Archer Vly - Swainson's thrush -1, purple finch,  least flycatcher, warblers: black-throated blue, Nashville, yellow-rumped, blackburnian, but surprisingly not heard this year-magnolia. Common raven, barred owl, and Swainson's thrush vocals simultaneously.

Mulleyville snowmobile trail (assumed public access via easement but private land) - alder flycatcher-2, warblers-Canada, black-throated blue, common yellowthroat, magnolia; broad-winged hawk, not heard-Mourning.

Wilcox Lake Wild Forest (DEC)  (the wetland before Albia Pond) - northern waterthrush and Canada warbler along road, finally a singing Swainon's thrush at this former reliable location.

Wilcox Lake Wild Forest (DEC) at West Vly - American bittern, alder flycatcher, least flycatcher.

About the quietest bird song I've ever experienced this specific higher elevation area in early June. But the overabundant ovenbird population this year - the loud song does make it harder this year to hear other species.

Jeff Nadler

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