Vischer Ferry


This morning at Vischer Ferry Preserve I got to watch a LEAST BITTERN in flight for about 3 seconds which is usually about the longest you see them.  This one was only about 30 feet from the trail when it took off and is the first one I have seen or heard in the back pond this year.  At the end of the main path to the river where a new trail goes west I heard a TENNESSEE WARBLER.  I don't hear this song very often.  It's hard to miss because, unlike a Cape May, it is loud, lower-pitched, and snappy.  And, this time it sang off and on for at least 10 minutes and probably continued after I moved on.  It was also a treat to see a Hooded Merganser female with 7 or 8 fledglings in tow.  It was also interesting to watch a Wood Duck mother with 10 fledglings flush as I walked by.  The mother swam frantically in a zigzag manner which was hard to follow with bins until they reached a "safe" spot a little further away.  One of the fledglings got lost in the confusion but eventually caught up to the mother and siblings. 

John H.   

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