Century Run- mostly Albany County


Fransje and I met at 6 am at Five Rivers

First thing I heard this morning after waking was a barred owl in my yard.

We attempted to find the worm-eating warbler at Deer Mountain Trail with no success- both of us were hoping for a new lifer.  We heard things, but couldn't find the bird and thus we didn't count anything.

We ended up with 90 species, 88 positively identified

Here are our highlights-

Deer Mountain- 

Scarlet Tanager

Black-throated Green warbler

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Magnolia Warbler

Stanton Pond-

Spotted Sandpiper

Watched a bald eagle go fishing

Five Rivers, before noon-

Orchard Oriole- male

Blackpoll warbler

Alder flycatcher

Swainson's Thrush

Black Creek Marsh-

Virginia Rail

Brown Thrasher

Green Heron

Thacher Park Overlook-

Cooper's Hawk

Black-throated Blue warbler

En Route highlights

Northern Parula

Indigo Bunting

American Kestrel

Cliff Swallow

a pair of Red-tailed hawks

Five Rivers evening-

woodcock- at least 2

2 wood thrushes were singing together- made a nice little chorus 

and we finally heard a veery

Unexpected Misses- downy woodpecker, wood duck, cedar waxwing, purple finch, common raven, northern mockingbird, least flycatcher

Unexpected common bird- great-crested flycatcher: we heard them everywhere

We also saw a strange bird at Five Rivers that we couldn't identify.  Hopefully, we will figure it out.

Is there someone who wants our full list?  I couldn't put it all into ebird due to finding so many birds in transit.

Jeanette Roundy

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