Pine Bush Orchard Orioles, Black Terns and Buffleheads - Saratoga Lake


I bucked the morning commuter traffic this morning in hopes of finding at least some of the  Pine Bush warblers Zach reported, but no such luck. They were  having a burn this morning, and I was turned away at the parking lot. I then tried the trail off of Columbia Circle where all the warblers were last spring. No luck there either, as there was a construction crew with bulldozers where the trail used to be. I did manage to get on the red trail off of Pitch Pine Rd, and while most of what I saw and heard was to be expected, I did see and hear two male ORCHARD ORIOLES. They were located at the intersection of the red and white trails.

On the way home, I stopped near the mailboxes at the beginning of Stony Point Rd hoping to find the Little Gulls. I was out of town when they were found literally two minutes from my house. While I did see several Bonaparte's Gulls, and saw some that looked smaller, they were too far away to identify. Much easier to pick out was a single BLACK TERN. Closer to the shore, I was surprised to see three Buffleheads still hanging around.

Susan Beaudoin


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