Re: Pink-footed Goose and Sandhill Cranes in Kinderhook

zach schwartz-weinstein

I drove down to eichybush road this morning to see if the Pink-Footed Goose Naomi found yesterday was still present.  I didn't see it, and neither did any of the other birders I ran into - there was a sizeable flock of Canada Geese in the distance visible from Eichybush not far from 21, across from the horse farm, but no PFGO.  It was nice to hear several eastern meadowlarks, though.  I then drove up to Staats Island Road on the off chance that the goose had moved north.  No luck, but a small assortment of waterfowl in the very flooded fields.

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On my way back from the NYSOA board meeting at Montezuma I learned about Naomi’s discovery of the Pink-footed Goose and decided to try for it since it was on my way. Fortunately I ran into Gregg Recer who had just relocated it. After getting a distant view I went home to collected Bill, who I knew would want to see it, and a camera. When we returned half an hour later, It was still there among the Snow Geese and Canada Geese near the wood dump on Hollyrock Farm on Eichybush Road. While there, I ran into Nancy Kern who helped me find the 7 Sandhill Cranes that she located on CR 21 in a cornfield 0.1 mi east of its junction with Dahlgren Road. A lifer and a new county bird in one afternoon after a very long day, found with the help of birding friends. It doesn’t get much better.

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