Wood Ducks and Common Mergansers in Brunswick

Janet Wolkenstein

There's a drainage pond at the corner of McChesney Ave and McChesney Ave Extension in Brunswick that's a pretty nasty water body in the summer (lots of algae), and I normally only see Canada Geese there.  However, as I was driving by yesterday, I saw some smaller white-bodied birds, so I stopped to look, thinking they might be Buffleheads.  Well, they turned out to be Common Merganser pairs, but I got some photos of them anyway.  However, as I was looking at the shots in the camera, before I left, I noticed a bright red eye in the background brush in one of them...Wood Ducks!

So, I walked around to the other side of the pond, and waited for a bit.  After a few minutes a couple of them ventured out of the brush and onto the water, and I was able to get a few shots of them.  They were still pretty far, but I am really pleased to finally have gotten to see these guys as close as I was.  For a brightly colored bird, they are very hard to spy in the wild.

I've posted a few shots of them in the group album.


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