Tibbitts Ave - Friday the 13th


Went to Tibbitts Ave early Friday and observed both the Red-necked Grebes, the Canvasback and the Longtailed Duck as well as many Common Goldeneye and a few Common Mergansers and a lone adult Bald Eagle but no Barrows Goldeneye which I later learned had gone back up near the falls overlook area.

Here are a few shots of the Grebes, the Canvasback and the Longtailed Duck:




The Bald Eagle too a couple of runs at the water and scattered the gulls that were there but the Goldeneye seemed to not care as they just kept swimming and displaying. Maybe it was the displaying that distracted them enough to ignore the eagle....


Signs of spring are coming but with spring it will mean a lot more open water and probably more birds but we will have to travel a bit more to see them. Right now it seems it is "go to Tibbitts Ave, go to Cohoes" ;and we've seen what is around.... lol

take care all and good birding

Ken H.

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