Interesting birds, Tibbets Avenue today/ Ft Edward Hawk


I also visited Tibbets avenue today.  (Bald eagle on the tree near the parking lot)  My camera isn't very good, so it was really close!

 I found many other birds, but I am not sure about a few of them.

I'm pretty sure there is a red-breasted merganser in the back that looks similar but different from the common mergansers.

Is there a  red-necked grebe in the front center, just behind the common merganser male?  


Scott said that he saw 1 greater and 5 lesser scaup, are some of them in this photo?



Here is another photo of the scaups.



Can the hawk species be determined by this photo?  I think I know what it is.  I saw it fly away(no photos), but I want to see if it is possible to identify it with just an outline for the more experienced hawk identifiers. 



I hope it is ok to get a little help.  I tried to get help on another site I frequent, but it seems like the experienced birders are out birding today.  I want to add these birds to my list for the Region 8 fun run.  I gave up on my gull photos I took by the Hwy 9 bridge over the Hudson.  I keep hoping for one of the less common species:).


Jeanette Roundy


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