Fort Edward

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On July 8th I went over to Fort Edward for a while. I did not see the
dickcissel or upland sandpiper or grasshopper sparrow (although I know
someone who did see the last two yesterday). Here are the birds I found:

American bittern, American kestrel, northern harrier, wild turkey, eastern
bluebird, bobolink, American goldfinch, Savannah sparrow, song sparrow,
tree swallow, barn swallow, red-winged blackbird, killdeer, eastern
meadowlark, mourning dove, northern mockingbird, gray catbird, American
crow, house sparrow, swamp sparrow, Baltimore oriole, common yellowthroat,
white-breated nuthatch, American robin, red-tailed hawk, cedar waxwing, and
Henslow's sparrow

I hope you don't get two of these - I thought I posted via the website last
night, but since nothing showed up this morning, I am sending this to the
HMBirds email address instead. Barb

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