birdline report 7/8/99


This is not a transcription of the Birdline tape. It is summary of
some of the sightings that were called in to birdline during the past
week. Please call the birdline (518-439-8080) for the full report.

Vischer Ferry 6/29 - Virginia rail, marsh wren, swamp sparrow; 7/3 -

New Salem 7/1 - tree swallows having their second brood

Rensselaer 7/1 - peregrine falcon

Warrensburg 7/3 - whip-poor-will (about 1 mile north along rte 9 on
the west side of the road)

Dunham Reservoir (Grafton Lake State Park) 7/4 - wood thrush, veery,
rose-breasted grosbeak, red-eyed vireo, American redstart,
black-throated green warbler, magnolia warbler, chestnut-sided
warbler, yellow-bellied sapsucker, golden-crowned kinglet, hermit

Gansevoort 7/7 - house finch, American goldfinch, mourning dove,
house sparrow, song sparrow, red-winged blackbird, eastern bluebird,
cedar waxwing, Savannah sparrow, common grackle, ruby-throated
hummingbird, tree swallow, blue jay, veery, killdeer, American crow,
white-breasted nuthatch, American robin, brown-headed cowbird, turkey

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