Re: Great Horned Owl nesting in Heron Rookery !

Louis J. Suarato

It looks like there are osprey in the first large nest to the east if the heron rookery. A binocular view can be had from the back of the Curtis Industrial Park off Rt 67. I haven't spotted the Great Horned Owls yet.

Louis Suarato

On May 6, 2014, at 9:50, Jim Ries <jimries129@...> wrote:


While volunteering at the Ft. Edward IBA clean-up a young lady told me about a Heron rookery off exit 12 on the northway and said she thought she had seen a Great Horned owl in one of the nests. She was correct and I thank her for the
! Here is a photo

To get to the rookery, go west on 67 from exit 12 on 87, turn left on Eastline road. There is a traffic lite and Stewarts on the corner. About 1/4 mile down you will see a sign on the right "parking in 500 feet". That sign is the trail head but you should park in Shenantaha Creek Park with is 500 ft up on the left. The trail has several wet spots so rubber boots are needed. follow the trail markers until you come to the wetland. This area is behind a Curtis Lumber store on 67 but I don't know if the rookery is visible from there. There are several Great Blue Heron nesting there.


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