BH Vireo & Peregrine Chicks X 3


Greetings -- I was hiking in the Catskills yesterday (Kaaterskill Falls & Cliff Walk - beautiful, easy hike - check it out if you get a chance), and I encountered a very agitated Blue-headed Vireo chasing and dive bombing a chipmunk. The chipmunk was carrying something in its mouth which I could not identify because he/she was scurrying so frantically trying to escape the Vireo's assault. Perhaps the chipmunk had one of the Vireo's eggs in its mouth? It was quite a sight watching that tiny bird give the chipmunk a run for its money. When last I saw the bird, it was perched on a branch above the spot where the chipmunk dove for cover.

Other birding news relates to the Peregrine Falcon nest under the Dunn Memorial Bridge in Rensselaer. Two boxes were placed there earlier this year. You can see inside the boxes from the Rensselaer side of the Hudson (looking West). The box furtherest away is the one that is occupied (figures, right?!). I've been checking it periodically on my way home from work. Last week I saw two small, downy chicks and an adult. Today I saw two pretty good size chicks with lots of brown and white feathers. They were sitting up, stretching their wings, preening and looking all around. There was a third chick in the box, which I almost didn't see. It was much smaller than the others and huddled up by itself on the left side of the box. No adult appeared in the short time that I was there. Drop me an e-mail if you're interested in seeing these birds and need directions to get there.

Jackie Bogardus
Rensselaer, NY

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