VF/Least/Deer Flies


6/20/99 - Vischer Ferry - The last report of Least Bittern that I know of
was on 6/9 when one was heard near the bridge. I have not heard them this
week. Hopefully it might be that they're quiet now that they're nesting ?
There were several Marsh Wrens and Swamp Sparrows, Warbling Vireo, Veery,
Wood Duck, and my favorite, the Wood Thrush. I watched a Song Sparrow
feeding two Cowbirds twice its size. Otherwise not much going on here.
One would do better at Fort Edward or Grafton or Moreau or anywhere in the
mountains this time of year. The traditional ponds close to the river are
bone dry. I actually walked out into the one on the right (west) and
didn't sink a bit. They've turned to fields so it doesn't bode well for
the fall herons and egrets unless we get some serious hurricanes or
monsoons. The pipeline road has been extended back along the river to the
right. It's a little late, but I don't know why they couldn't have drilled
wells across from the main entrance where there are already good service
roads. They claim the water is not coming from the Mohawk ? Anyhow, there
are lots of changes at VF in just a short time. Anyhow, I digress.

Deer flies can be brutal but I can not under estimate the wonders of fly
paper. They always go for the highest part of your body so just wear a hat
with fly paper clipped to it. I just used up a roll while walking the
short loop at VF. I figure I "collected" at least 50 of them and didn't
sustain one bite. It costs about $2.50 for a package of 8 rolls at the
hardware store and it's worth every penny. The dollar store used to have
them in packs of four. No, I am not in the business of selling fly paper -
for all you wise guys out there.

Happy first day of summer - the longest day of the year.

Frank Murphy
Clifton Park, NY


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