Re: Hooded Warbler, Slingerlands- 6/3


I was able to find Tom's Hooded Warbler on the Rail Trail this AM, just a few hundred yards west of Hilton Road. And, it is a real beauty too:

I did not take Tom's advice, and I parked at the Hilton Rd crossing .......tight, but doable.

The whole area is very birdy right now. Tanagers, RB Grosbeaks, flycatchers, turkeys, and several warblers along the trail and in the scrub along Hilton Rd to the north. Very easy walk both east and west from Hilton along the old railbed. Tick preventative measures are wise. Deer seen on the trail.


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This morning, while walking the section of the Albany County Rail Trail between Slingerlands and Voorheesville, I observed a singing male Hooded Warbler. It was foraging on the south side of the trail, in an area with multiple birch trees. I heard it first on the outbound leg, then heard it again 45 minutes later in about the same spot. After a few minutes of observation, I saw it fly up to an exposed branch, eating some kind of worm. I didn't see it carry any food away. I'll revisit the spot in a week or so, to see if there are any further signs of possible breeding.

It appears a single vehicle could be parked on the west side of Hilton Rd. at the guard rail, but I would not recommend it, pretty narrow roadway there. I hiked in from Upper Font Grove Rd., where parking is available. It's about a mile and a half from that point.

Tom Williams

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